“Now, I’ve had the time of my life…”

Hey hey, it’s another day! My mom bun game is strong and my babies were dressed, fed and ready to conquer the day by 8:30AM! Did I mention that I was dressed, fed and caffeinated by that time as well? #MomWin!

I initially had something else planned for this week’s entry, but then I had one of those brief moments of enlightenment that get you thinking of all sorts of things, and leaves you feeling refreshed and motivated. So, what brought on this moment? … The final scene of Dirty Dancing. I wasn’t quite giving the TV any attention at first since I was completely focused on trying to sooth my fussy little one, and then it happened… The sound of Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’ voices took over and sent my daughter’s head whipping towards the screen in complete silence, suddenly calm and forgetting her discomfort. I was both amazed and so excited as I thought to myself, “Baby girl is just like mama!” And just to be sure that I was not exaggerating, I played the song once again the next day just to see her reaction, and sure enough, silence! I discovered her first favourite song.

Now, I always told myself that I would never get too personal in a blog, but I guess I’ll have to break my own rule. My little discovery, coupled with the fact that I wanted to share that moment with someone so badly, brought so many thoughts and feelings to the surface. It pretty much caused me to reflect on the last 10 years of my life within a span of 10 minutes. Crazy, right?

So, here’s what danced around my head… In my early 20’s, I always told myself that nothing would change as I approached my 30’s. I thought I’d always be exactly the same; that all of my interests wouldn’t change and that I had my priorities set. Boy, was I ever wrong! I knew that I always wanted to write. In fact, I wanted to be a critic of music and theatre, since those are two things that I absolutely love. I had actually started a blog back in 2011 when Lady Gaga released her Born This Way album. I remember my first entry being about her song Judas and talking about her strategy to create a buzz by releasing the single during the week of Good Friday and Easter. I thought I had something good going, but as time passed, my life was constantly changing and I found my dedication to my blog fading. It had nothing to do with a loss of interest in music and theatre ( which are still very important to me), it was that I was still in the process of growing up and discovering a lot about myself in general. How could I focus on one thing when I was constantly growing every single day at that time? Things were moving so quickly.

Fast forward 5 years; I met the love of my life, gave him a music lesson (haha!), got engaged, married and became a Mom. Oh, how life has changed! And how my daily routines and weekends have changed, and how I will do absolutely anything to make sure my little family is happy. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t change a thing! I am actually having the time of my life!

I never thought that I would be here writing about my life as a parent, especially because there are a ton of mommy bloggers out there. But I guarantee that all of our thoughts and interests are unique. I haven’t forgotten about my own personal interests, I’ve just found a way to work them into my life by sharing them with my children. So, was this what I thought I would ever write about? Nope! But I love it! And I am excited to bring my readers something new each week. Whether it be something I uncover about my kids, funny happenings, mommy tips or recipes, I can’t wait to share! I promise I won’t bore the hell out of you!

Until next time…

MP xo

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